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Lift Service

You live in an apartment and want to move furniture or large objects? Avoid damaging them… or breaking your back: use our lift service.

Our wide range of lifts enables us to intervene in practically all configurations, from the 1st to the 15th floor. Our towable lifts can be placed in areas which are inaccessible to motorized lifts. Our load boards can carry large items such as window frames.

We offer solutions to your specific needs with quality service at very competitive rates.

Our lifts can intervene in practically all configurations

Delivery & Moving

Whether you need a delivery or a move, we guarantee a service of quality with our team of professionals. Your delivery or move can take place quickly and without any hassle.

Our equipment includes trucks with a payload of 15m3 to 45m3, which allows us to optimize the transport costs in the best of your interest.

For both deliveries and moves, our service is suitable for your needs. From the reservation of parking spaces, packing and unpacking, disassembling  and assembling: you choose the program that suits you best. We take care of the rest.

We operate throughout Belgium but also internationally.

We provide a complete service for both deliveries and moves.

Furniture storage

Are you obliged to store your furniture in a safe place? You have a surplus of goods or stock?  You want to put your furniture away during a renovation?

Trust us with your furniture. They will be well kept!

We can arrange storage of your furniture or goods in a ventilated area, heated and accessible 24/7. Our partner for storage furniture is SHURGARD. Access is limited to clients in order to ensure better security of your property.

Moving Supplies

We offer a full range of equipment to better organize your move: boxes of different sizes, blankets and papers of all kinds to pack your belongings.

Our goal is to make your move as pleasant as possible, so you can be peaceful and without any concerns.

Request a quote for the hardware on your move!